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We can tell you whether your symptom is an allergy or not. Generally, we are able to pinpoint the culprit and confirm it with tests that can determine what to avoid.

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Alergy Test.

Allergy is a condition when your immune system reacts to a specific substance in you while it is harmless to other people. When you are having an allergic reaction, it is your immune system that produces chemicals that lead to the response. Therefore, allergy is not a deficiency or weakness in the immune system.

Immigration physical exam

Faster results in 2 to 3 day and no appointment necessary.

Fast and effective

Avoid long wait times in the ER, which often delays your medical attention for hours and hours.  At our center, you will be registered, triaged, seen by doctor and labs taken on-site if needed in less than 1 hour

Care options

We provide conventional care as well as alternative  medicine treating the patient as a whole including spiritual,mental and physical well being and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Affordable care

A trip to the ER can generate thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Our Medical Center provides very low cost yet guarantee high standards of quality care. 


“They are all very professional, they treat you like family, always happy to see you and they are absolutely GREAT with kids. I’ve been always afraid of shots, until I came to this office.”

Marissa James

“Excelentes doctores,muy profesional,muy atentos. El doctor me explico a detalles todo,con palabras no técnicas para hacerme entender, quede muy contenta con su atención.muchas gracias Dr por su profesionalidad”

Jinga Low


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